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About this blog


More perspectives, more depth, more insight. That is the aim of the Middelheim Museum's blog. 'On Air' is our additional channel where we broadcast various important voices to the world.

Indispensable perspectives

The more relevant views and perspectives, the more interesting the story. This is especially true for contemporary art and the societal themes presented by the Middelheim Museum. ‘On Air’ creates additional space to ensure that a selection of indispensable insights and perspectives receive the attention they deserve.

A unique perspective

'On Air' broadcasts more voices than we can feature in our exhibitions and on our website. We gladly give the floor to curators, artists, project staff, opinion makers, and specialists. And to many other individuals who have a significant and unique perspective on the operation of the Middelheim Museum and the themes we present. This includes not only the artworks in the museum's art park but also those in the city.

Space for multiple voices

This blog is an extension of the website and the broader operations of the museum. It offers an additional dimension for more interpretations, more depth, and more insight. Creating space for multiple voices remains a priority in our museum's work. On 'On Air,' diverse stories, perspectives, and interpretations converge, ensuring that all these relevant voices continue to be heard even after the physical exhibitions and presentations conclude.